Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boston Comic Con November 2!

Coming up on November 2 in Boston, Mass., we will be setting up at the Boston Comic Con. Besides us (which should be cool enough to draw the crowds in droves), attending from comic Art House will be Bob Almond, Norman Lee, Mark McKenna, Mike Lilly, Jack Purcell, and my best bud, Trevor Von Eeden. A couple of cool friends will also be there, Rob Stull and Billy Tucci.

From the Serendipity camp will be Kris Carter, Jeremy McHugh, Don Higgins, Amy Fletcher, Hannibal King, Christopher Gibbs, Brian Kong, Dave Quiles, Cesar Feliciano, Dominic Vivona, Scott Ethan Ambruson, Roger Andrews, Zeke Savory and Ed Coutts. They are the future superstars, check 'em out!

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