Saturday, January 31, 2009

Craig Hamilton joins Comic Art House!

In the words of Michael Netzer...

It is rare to encounter creativity, craftsmanship, integrity, humanity, and bravery in expression, all in relatively high dosage, and within one artist. Facebook has introduced me of late to one so remarkable a man. A friend in most esteem honor and camaraderie.

Craig Archimedes Hamilton is a rare breed indeed. Possessor of creative will which seems to know no bounds. Freed consciousness contending with nearly every anomaly of being.

A lifetime honing craftsmanship to a fine sharp edge. Indisputable understanding of form and design embellished with perception of wonder to the clearest degree.

An integrity of art and artist. Fearless of criticism. Certain in righteousness of being. Of purpose.

Brave in expression of that swept under carpets. Revealing humanity's darkest crevices as wonder filled harmony.

Humanitarian. Humane. Human. Devoted to humanity.

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