Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NYCC updated!

Hey all,We will be there at booth #2402 (under Jetpack on the map). Wewill have 18 artists sitting with us at different times throughoutthe day.

Scott Wegener, Kris Carter, and Steve Mannion will be bringinghuge amounts of art starting at just $10 each! We will havehundreds of pages available all weekend long and will be acceptingcommissions for all artists all day long, not just at theirscheduled times.

We will have new sketchbooks available from Steve Mannion, JayFife, Louis Small Jr., Chris Moreno (his 1st ever!), Dave Simons(his 1st ever!), Scott Ethan Ambruson, and a new blank sketchcoverfor Scott Wegener's sketchbook.

We will have artists that are just starting to make their mark like Jay Fife, Cesar Feliciano, Jason Baroody, Leo Liebelman, KrisCarter, Rich Woodall, Liza Biggers, Scott Ambruson, and BroadswordComics model, Amy Fletcher.

We will have artists that are well entrenched in their careers such as Hannibal King, Ed Coutts, Louis Small Jr., Roger Andrews,Gerry Acerno, Norman Lee, Steve Mannion, Scott Wegener, ShawnMcManus (his originals are sold through Mitch at GraphicCollectibles), and the ever popular, Dave Simons.

On Saturday from 2-3 we will be hosting a signing by Avenger'sartists Khoi Pham, Billy Tan, and Greg Adams!

We are also authorized for the CGC Signature series. So getyour comic signed, witnessed, and sent off to CGC. CGC costs ofcourse apply.

We are also accepting credit cards at this show. Whew.

Thanksfor reading and hope to see you there!

Stop by, say hello, or just marvel at the organized chaos that ourbooth promises to be

.Peace,Bob and Kim

*Due to scheduling conflict, Dave Bancroft and Pop Mhan will be unable to make the NYCC. HOWEVER, we will have art from bothartists available for sale.

*PLEASE visit our other artists in artist alley! Greg Larocque, RobReilly, GW Fisher, Jay Leisten, Craig Rousseau, Bob Almond, MarkMcKenna, Jim Calafiore, Dave hoover, Christopher Jones, Mike Lilly,Brian Kong, Jack Purcell, David Quiles, Craig Hamilton (set up with Anthony Snyder) and Billy Tan (Billy'soriginals will be available with Spencer Beck at the show).

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