Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boston Comic Con this weekend!

Hey Kids! This weekend we'll be at the Boston Comic Con (http://www.bostoncomiccon.com/) along with fellow Comic Art Housers Craig Rousseau, Bob Almond, Norman Lee, Trevor Von Eeden, Scott Wegener, Jack Purcell (with new sketchbook in tow) and Roger Andrews. All artists will be bringing artwork, accepting commissions and having a geeky good time.

Besides these fine artists, Mike Allred, While Portacio, Jimmy Cheung, Dick Ayers, Paul Gulacy, Brian Kong, Rob Stull, Hannibal King, and a slew of some of the best indy talent on the planet will be there. Up and comers like Kris Carter (Grimm Fairy Tales, Leprecaun), Rob "the Patron Saint of Artist Alley" Reilly, Tj Dort and Joe Haley from The "Underburbs", Amy Fletcher, Cesar Feliciano, Jimmy Tournas, and even the Boston Comics Round Table.


Any questions or comments, hit me up!

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