Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Andy Wiernicki passes away...

I waited for the correct words to come to express the sorrow I feel in my heart over the loss of Andrew Wiernicki last week. I wanted to be able to write eloquently, to think clearly, and most importantly, to do justice to this great man. I hope it works.

I met Andrew Wiernicki at NYCC 2007 and I immediately liked him. He was well spoken and extremely serene in the middle of the madhouse that surrounded him. He had a firm handshake that I always believe is the mark of an honest, hardworking man. His sculptures were beautiful and obviously the work of a man who loved his craft, however, I was more impressed with him than his work.

We chatted for a short while with questions about representation coming up of course. Bob Almond has referred him to us and he was curious as to how things worked. After all the info, Andy decided he would come aboard. I was thrilled. I've always tried to get the best artists possible for the sites but I also wanted to get the best possible human beings as well. I felt as though I had hit the lottery.

When I found out Andy was sick, I was a bit upset. Not for the site or any of that BS. I just thought the world was a better place with Andy in it. I still do. I miss you Andy. Godspeed my friend.

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