Saturday, December 20, 2008

NYCC pre-orders


First, Kim and I wish all of you and yours a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Second, NYCC is creeping up on us FAST and we are starting totake pre-orders for many artists that are going to be at NYCC. Mostof these will be ready for pick up at the covention itself and WILL require you having the proper ID (driver's license or Paypalreceipt) to do so. The following artists (in no particular order) are now accepting pre-orders, please e-mail for pricing.

  1. Gerry Acerno
  2. Bob Almond (Black Panther)
  3. Scott Ethan Ambruson (Trailer Park of Terror)
  4. Roger Andrews (Hasbro Toy Design)
  5. David Bancroft
  6. Jason Baroody
  7. Liza Biggers
  8. Jim Calafiore (Gotham Underground, Batgirl)
  9. Kris Carter (Grimm Fairy Tales)
  10. Jay Fife
  11. GW Fisher
  12. Amy Fletcher
  13. Dave Hoover (Grimm Fairy Tales, Captain America)
  14. Christopher Jones (Batman Strikes)
  15. Hannibal King (Night Vision)
  16. Brian Kong (Marevel Masterpieces)
  17. Greg Larouque (Flash)
  18. Norman Lee (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man)
  19. Leo Liebelman
  20. Mike Lilly (Black Terror)
  21. Steve Mannion (The Bomb, Captain America-Sentinal of Liberty)
  22. Mark McKenna (20+ year industry pro)
  23. Shawn McManus (Fables, Sandman)
  24. Pop Mhan (Batgirl, Spyboy)
  25. Chris Moreno (Popgun Anthologies)
  26. Jack Purcell (Gotham Underground)
  27. David Quiles
  28. Rob Reilly
  29. Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts)
  30. Dave Simons (Army of Darkness)
  31. Billy Tan (New Avengers)
  32. Scott Wegener (Atomic Robo)
  33. Kevin West (JLA, Guardians of the Galaxy)
  34. Rich Woodall (Johnny Raygun/Savage Dragon)

We will take requests until January 30. All payments must bereceived by that date also. No artwork will be produced for COD.

Thank you and happy holidays,

Bob and Kim

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